Illuminate Your Place This Diwali Like Never Before. . .

Illuminate Your Place This Diwali Like Never Before. . .

From the mesmerizing electric lights to oil lamps and colorful candles, each house is lit up and illuminated in an incredibly beautiful way on the festival of Diwali. This clearly stresses the importance of the existence of ‘light’ in Hinduism.
Have you ever wondered- what is the significance of ‘light’ in the festival of Diwali?
Why do people light lamps, candles, and decorate their houses with electric lightings on this special occasion?
Moreover, do you want to install supremely unique and eye-catching electric lightings to your place this Diwali? If so, stay tuned with this post as we will dive deep into it!

Significance of Lights in Diwali

1. Spiritual Significance

Light has an extremely special significance in the festival of Diwali because it depicts goodness, power, and purity. Diwali commences on the 13th day of the dark half of ‘Kartik’ followed by the ‘NarakChaudas’ on the 14th day, and on the 15th day, the proper Deepavali is celebrated on the new moon day, when there is complete darkness all around. It is believed that the evil forces become more active when there is all darkness. This gives us the reason why people light millions of lamps and install mesmerizing lightings on this special festival. People believe that in order to get rid of darkness and evil forces, the existence of light is a must. Therefore, you will find colourful electric lightings, as well as lamps and candles, lit at every corner of the house in the country to weaken the evil forces and evil spirits.

2. Social Significance

Every house lighting outside or inside the door reflects a vital message of unity and brotherhood among people. If we talk about lamps and candles, then a single lamp or candle can light several others without affecting its own light. This signifies the importance of giving and enlightening others’ lives to spread prosperity and happiness among society. The colorful electric lightings installed inside or outside the house reflect a beautiful message that ‘we all are standing together to eliminate all darkness and evils from our world.’

3. Historical Significance

Historically, the origin of Diwali can be traced back to ancient India as an important harvest festival. However, some believed that Diwali is the celebration of the marriage of Goddess Laxmi (the goddess of wealth) with the Lord Vishnu. While others believe that Goddess Laxmi was born on the new-moon day of Kartik, therefore Diwali is the celebration of her birthday. Besides, Diwali is also celebrated to commemorate the return of Lord Rama from his 14 years of exile along with his wife Sita and his brother Laxman. In return of their king, the people of Ayodhya illuminated the entire kingdom with earthen lamps and celebrated joyously.

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We offer you to brighten up your crib on this Diwali with our unique and spectacular collection of Diwali decoration lights. Whether you desire some somber lightings or eye-catching illumination, you can choose from our eclectic collection to give your place a festive ambiance that too, at reasonable price ranges.  Let’s check out!

1. Diya Curtain String LED Lights

How about these mesmerizing Diya curtain LED lights for reinvigorating the entire look of your house this Diwali? Its warm and soothing lights can add up to your celebration and lit up your place with the eye-catching Diya-inspired design. Besides using them with curtains, you can also experiment with them by using them outside the house, as a separation between the halls, or in the garden to accentuate the beauty of your plants and trees. So, how about revamping your nest in an extremely spellbinding manner? Grab your piece today and make sure to enhance the spirit of the coming Diwali.

2. Moon Curtain String LED Lights

If you wish to grab all the stars and the moon in the sky, then these LED lights will surely give you an adrenaline rush. Beautifully crafted in the shape of mesmerizing stars and spectacular half-moons, these LED lights will surely serve as an eye-catching decorative piece on this Diwali. Hang them with the curtains, walls, or simply install them in your garden, they will successfully add beauty and elegance to your nest. Your guests, friends, as well as family members, will definitely love to being treated to the visual delight of these alluring lights.

3Honey Bee String Lights

If you are looking for extremely beautiful yet energy-saving lights, then these Honey Bee String LED Lights are the perfect choice for you. Meticulously crafted in the shape of adorable honey bees, these LED lights will not only give an extra edge to your place but it will also save more than 40% of your electricity as compared to other lights. Whether you want to decorate your living room, your windows, walls, garden, or curtains, its bright and beautiful lights will not disappoint you in terms of setting moods, catching the eyes of others, and increasing the festivity.

4. Heart Curtain String LED Lights
If you wish to set a romantic mood for your space this Diwali, then these heart-shaped string LED lights are the perfect choice for you. Meticulously-designed in the shape of hearts, these lights come with a warm yellow colour that just adds up to the comfort of your space. Besides, its flickering effect is something from which you cannot take your eyes off. So, whether you want to hang it with the curtain, on the walls, or use it as a partition, it will always look good and add an extra edge to your surroundings. Bring home your magical and illuminating dose of happiness and increase the festivity of this Diwali.

5. Star Curtain String LED Lights
Imagine that your house is all lit up with beautiful and spectacular stars all around you. You are in the midst of them and trying to grab them all. Wouldn’t it be amazing to make it happen this Diwali? Well, you can turn this imagination into beautiful reality by shopping for these Star LED String Lights that can beautifully brighten up your crib. Its eye-catching design and bright lights can liven up any cranny or any nook of your house. Besides, its reasonable price will defiantly leave your guests in awe and its unique design will grab you numerous compliments. So, what are you waiting for then?

So, don’t miss the opportunity to make these popular purchases for the coming Diwali. We endeavor to provide you with best-in-class quality and unique designs of electric lightings so as to lift up the revelry or merriment of the occasion. Our collection of dazzling household lights can reinvigorate every corner of your house and enlighten your inner world. Shop for them and bring home the light, love, and joy this Diwali.

Let’s celebrate the victory of light over darkness, of knowledge over ignorance, and of good over evil with these mesmerizing LED lights. May the divine light of these lights enlighten your inner spirit this Diwali and make your life more prosperous and joyful.

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