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Restore Your Motivation In 2021

The year 2020 has witnessed extreme coronavirus anxiety. From a mysterious illness, the disease has dramatically turned into a global pandemic, which has created turmoil across the world that we could not even imagine in our wildest dream.

This year has been specifically hard for all of us. It has taken a plethora of lives, it has confined us to our homes almost for the entire year. Despite this, it has taught us some of the most important lessons of our life – that you should always live in the moment, you should never take anything for granted, you should appreciate the presence of your beloved ones in your life, and you should stay strong enough to face any kind of uphill battle.

As 2020 is winding down, it becomes pivotal to step into the new year 2021 with all motivation. Motivation is the only pathway through which you can change your feelings, behavior, thinking, and action. Once these four things will transform, you will enhance your performance, improve your well-being, grow yourself effectively, and will gain an ultimate sense of your purpose. Follow these things to make the year 2021 the best year yet:

1. Reframe Your Problems

To motivate yourself, it is very important to look at problems from a fresh perspective. It requires a highly creative imagination and an innovative mind to perceive a situation from a different angle. Once you will reframe your problems, it will become an opportunity for you. Moreover, the way you look at your problems determines what kind of solutions you will get. To reframe, just step back and look at a situation through different lenses. Some of these techniques might work for you:

Try to flip from the negative to the positive. Is your glass half-empty or half-full? If you find that a particular problem in your life is negative, then shift it from negative to positive. Ask prompting questions to yourself. Let’s say you wish to buy a car this year, ask yourself, “Why do you like to buy a car? How will you plan for it? What is the better way to save money? How would you start?”

In case your challenge is bigger, break it down into smaller challenges. It will be really helpful for you because you will be solving a problem in pieces rather than solving it in one big bite.

Try to look at the larger picture. If you are facing a problem, what will it give you for the future? Let’s say your work stopped in 2020 due to the pandemic. Think of it as you needed a break. Think of it as an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself. Think of it as an ideal fraction of time where you could improve yourself for the new year 2021.

2. Start Your Morning With A Smile

You need to realize that every morning is the most magical part of your day. The sun comes up, the birds start singing, flowers blossom, the trees spread their aromas, and the park becomes full of people with their dogs. Take this new day as a gift and bring a smile to your face. Start your day to the fullest and use your smile wisely. Here are the following things that you can do first in the morning to bring a smile to your face:

  • Be grateful for whatever you have. Just look at all the positive things around you and appreciate their presence in your lives.
  • Write, read, sing, or dance – do one of your favorite things in the morning. 
  • Go to your parents and family and let them know how much you love them all. Express them how much is their value in your life. 
  • Be positive with your expectations. Do not bring any kind of negative thought in your mind regarding your day. Believe that only good things will happen to you today.
  • Pamper yourself while standing in front of the mirror. Tell yourself nice and happy-sounding words such as “You are so beautiful. You can do it. You will face it.”
  • Read positive quotes in the morning that can keep you jolly throughout the day.
    3. Embrace Uncertainty

    If the pandemic continues in the year 2021, then your work or any other thing that you have expected to do might get cancelled or postponed. No one can predict with any degree of certainty that what will happen in 2021. Therefore, it is extremely pivotal for all of us to accept uncertain things, if there will be any in the year 2021. It is much better to be overprepared mentally as well as physically than being underprepared for the next year. Hope for the best, but also be prepared for the worst.

    The first step to accept uncertainty is to realize that there are various things that you cannot control. Rather than running from this reality and panicking, accept it and face all the new challenges that life puts in front of you. Focus on the things that you can control. You can control how you feel, you can control your behavior, you can control your actions, you can control your words, and you can control your thoughts. Therefore, start working on them, be open to surprises, be open to uncertainties, take risks, face challenges, and move ahead in your life.

    4. Exercise Daily

    Make a habit of exercising daily because it not only keeps your body fit but also develops a sound mind. Do the exercise that makes you happy – it could be brisk walking, rope jumping, running, aerobics, or any other thing. Just make sure to exercise for about 20 minutes daily so that your body can release happy hormones. Try to embrace stress-busting exercises, such as jogging, running, swimming, cycling, dancing, boxing, etc.

    5. Practice meditation

    Today’s life is so fast-paced, that we are always hustling and bustling to carry out our daily tasks. We run our mind and body continuously like a car in its 5th gear. We never slow down to relax our mind and body, which leads to further health problems such as depression, exhaustion, etc.

    Meditation is a strong stress buster that can make you feel in a deep state of relaxation. While meditating, you need to focus your attention and eliminate all the jumbled thoughts from your mind. It is extremely important to make your mind crowd-free and stress-free. According to research, our brain produces an anti-anxiety chemical named ‘GABA’ when we practice mediation. You do not need to sit for hours for effective mediation practice. Even 15-20 minutes of mindful mediation can work wonders in your life.

    6. Stay Connected Virtually

    If the pandemic continues in the year 2021, then social distancing can prove as the hardest aspect for a plethora of people, especially for those who are dealing with mental health problems. However, maintaining social distancing doesn't’ mean that you have to say “NO” to your social connections. Just schedule virtual get-togethers with your family, your colleagues, your friends. Set a date and time for such meetings. The main idea is to keep yourself motivated enough to carry out productive tasks in the next year.

    Other creative things that you can do with your friends and family are online gaming, online exercise classes, etc. Just make your nest a fun place to be.

    7. Embrace Gratitude

    Practicing gratitude is one of the most effective stress beaters. Even if some people have achieved their goals, they can feel a void inside themselves. It is because they do not realize as well as appreciate the presence of things and people in their lives. Therefore, it is extremely pivotal to feel grateful for what you have in your life. It just keeps you motivated and strong enough to face any kind of challenge, no matter how hard it is. Following are some of the ways through which you can practice gratitude daily:

    • Keep a gratitude journal: Write about three things that you felt really grateful for today. It could be anything like having wonderful parents or eating food. Just appreciate these things in your life and know their importance. It will eventually train your mind to see positive things every day.
    • Start with small things: It might be hard for you as a beginner to practice gratitude. Therefore, always start with small things that you are grateful for. It might be birds singing outside your home, the sun rising beautifully, the trees around you, or it could be the lush green park near your house. Appreciate such small things in your life and realize the big value they carry with themselves.
    • Focus on things that you usually overlook or ignore: Try to identify them and appreciate them. It could be your physical well-being, so be grateful for having such a healthy body. It could be your fast running speed, so never underestimate or take this ability for granted.

    Staying motivated also keeps you productive. In the midst of this global pandemic, people are losing motivation day by day. So, let’s just follow the above-mentioned motivational tips and navigate through these hard times together!

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