Top 5 Unique & Affordable Valentine's Day Gifts for Her

Top 5 Unique & Affordable Valentine's Gifts for Her

Need help with finding an amazing valentine gift for her?

Every woman out there is special in a plethora of terms. Some are fashionistas, shopaholics, and book lovers; while others are foodies, homely, and romantic. So, if you are celebrating an extremely special day with her, let’s say Valentine's day, then there are myriad of priceless gift ideas that will certainly express your love, care, respect, and admiration for her.
Impress her with our super adorable and budget-friendly range of gift items that can make her Valentine's week most memorable. This Valentine's day, prove to her that how much special position she possesses in your life. These tiny little things will have your remarkable gesture of love, which will certainly make her day more special.
And if this is your last-minute shopping, then you don’t need to worry because we have got you covered with the top 5 unique and adorable Valentine's gift ideas to increase the revelry of the occasion. But before looking at these top picks, have you ever wondered why do we celebrate Valentine's day? How did this day come into origin? Let’s discuss a brief history of this special day!

Why Do We Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

Named after a Catholic priest in Rome, Saint Valentine, Valentine's day has myriad stories and buzz associated with itself. During the life of valentine, Emperor Claudius II created strict laws in Christianity to prevent Roman soldiers from marrying. Being a rigid pagan, he believed that Roman soldiers should not be distracted by all such things and should be devoted wholly to Rome.
However, Saint Valentine started marrying these Roman soldiers in top-secret Christian ceremonies. Valentine believed in the importance of love and hence, he continued with the ceremonies, which marked the beginning of this special day. Later on, Valentine was sent to jail for going against the laws of Claudius and he was executed on 14th February in year 270. Approximately 200 years later, things drastically changed in manners that Catholic Church endeavored to eliminate remnant paganism. Moreover, 14th February was referred to as St Valentine's day and was established as an important day on the Catholic Calendar of Saints.
In the middle ages, the famous poet Chaucer was the first known to link St Valentine’s Day with the concept of ‘romantic love’. So, it would not be wrong to say that Chaucer’s age was the beginning of the rituals of expressing love and admiration. This tradition spread towards Europe and it took the form of Valentine's day eventually.
If we talk about symbols of Valentine’s day in earlier times, people used to send love messages, however, nowadays, special cards and gift items are selected to express love and to celebrate this beautiful occasion. People used to make cards by hands and were individually designed by the sender in order to convey the message and love to the recipient in the most beautiful manner. People also used to decorate the cards by drawing pictures of adorable hearts, flowers, designs, pictures of cupid, etc., and also by pasting ribbons and laces to enhance the beauty.
Now that you have become aware of the history of Valentine’s day, let’s now take a look at these adorable Valentine's gifts for your girl!

1. Antler Jewelry Organizer

If she is a jewelry freak, then this beautiful antler jewelry organizer is one of the best Valentine's gifts to make her day. She would not help but admire these elegant antlers extending upwards for easy as well as accessible storage. Crafted from top-notch and durable material, this item is probably the most convenient and eye-catching way to organize jewelry. Whether it is stud earrings, bracelets, necklaces, or rings and watches, she can use this organizer for storing multiple items. Besides, the base plate allows you to store other important stuff, such as small boxes, beads, decorative stones, and so on. Quite amazing, right?

2. Heart Light box

Express your unconditional love on this Valentine's Day by creating your personalized message for her. With the 90 block letters, various symbols, and numbers, you can speak out your heart to her. The mesmerizing light of this beautifully designed LED lightbox will make your message stand out in the room to delight her like never before. Besides, you can also use it as a perfect decorative piece. So; spend your Valentine's Day in the most incredible manner with this marvelous piece.

3. Queen Coffee Mug

This Valentine’s day, cherish your queen of hearts with this super cute queen coffee mug. No matter what beverage she prefers, she will certainly receive tremendous happiness with every sip she will take. Its top-notch material, as well as quality print, make it a thoughtful and unique gift idea. No matter how many times you wash it, the print will never fade away and will remind her about your unconditional love and respect again and again. So, fulfil your couple goals on this special occasion!

4. Heart Pocket Watch

Presenting you with this stunning heart-shaped pocket watch to express your unsaid things to your special girl on Valentine's day. The elegant appearance and exquisite craftsmanship will grab a lot of compliments to your valentine like never before. Its precise quartz movement and durable material will certainly delight your love. So, let her make a statement with this special timepiece!

5. Love Neon Lamp

Create scintillating moments with your love of life and a partner in crime on this Valentine's Day. For those who fall short of words to express their love and care to their girls, this neon led love lamp comes as an ideal Valentine's day gift option to generate a warm and romantic atmosphere in any space. Just place it on a suitable base and let its mesmerizing light shower a lot of love and romance for the whole Valentine's week. Not only this, but it also serves as a great decorative piece to increase the festivity of any occasion.

So, show your romantic side with these exceptional gift ideas that will wow her! Let your love for your girl grow fourfold just like a dream come true. Shop for these gift items to make your Valentine's day the most special day of your life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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