Top 5 Unique & Affordable Valentine's Gifts for Him

Top 5 Unique & Affordable Valentine's Gifts for Him

Looking for a perfect Valentine gift for your Mr. Perfect?

With Valentine's week running now, it becomes tricky to choose what to give your man this Valentine’s day. In terms of tastes and choices, men are complex creatures too. You already know how much he cares for you and how much he loves you. Therefore, you should also not hesitate to give him something extra special to showcase your love and care for him, right? Also, the idea that it is only a guy's duty to make a woman feel special is very orthodox and outdated. So, what should you pick up for him this Valentine’s day? To help you out with this, we have compiled the absolute best Valentine gift ideas that will certainly satisfy even the choosiest of the guy. Whether you are shopping for a man whom you know for ages or you want a special gift for your new man in your life, these thoughtful Valentine gift ideas will certainly delight him like never before! But before we jump straight to this main thread, have you ever wondered why Valentine’s day is celebrated? How this special and loved-up holiday was originated and how did it turn into a very special occasion?

Brief History Of Valentine’s Day

Celebrated on February 14th, Valentine’s day is associated with a Roman priest, Saint Valentine. He believed in the power of love and hence, conducted various marriage ceremonies secretly. At that time, the emperor was Claudius II, who believed in the idea that it would be better for the soldiers to be single so that they can completely devote themselves to Rome. Therefore, he prevented soldiers from marrying. According to his rigid Christian laws, he banned young men to marry. However, Valentine’s beliefs and ideas were completely opposite to Claudius. Rather than following the rigid laws of the Emperor, Valentine ensured that the young people across the country could get married. But when Claudius II found what was going on, he jailed Valentine and executed him on 14th February. Although there is no certain reason why we celebrate Valentine's day, some believe that it was because Valentine was executed on this day, while others believe that it is celebrated to devalue paganism. After two centuries of Valentine’s execution, the head of the Catholic Church, Pope Gelasius proclaimed that 14th February should be celebrated as Valentine's day. With the advancement of time and the rise of Christianity, people started concentrating on this festival of love rather than on pagan festivals. Eventually, this day became more prominent and started making sense with the evolution of the concept of love. Now that you have become cognizant of why do we celebrate Valentine's day, let’s have a look at our top best Valentine gifts for him.

1. Baby Yoda AirPods Cover

If your man is an AirPods lover or Star War fan, then this special gift will certainly delight him a lot. Its super cute design inspired by the powerful and wise Jedi master will grab him a lot of compliments from his peers. The high-quality silicone material of the case will provide multi-faceted protection to his AirPods against sudden bumps, scratches, and accidental falls. And if your man is a little bit careless and keeps on losing his AirPods again and again, then the little carabiner attached will serve the purpose. So, let the quirk begin on this Valentine's day!

2. Pub-G Pocket Watch Keychain

Is your man a Pub-G lover? Presenting you with this vintage pocket watch, which is based on the theme of probably the most addictive game. This Valentine's day, melt his heart with its elegant design, precise quartz movements, and smooth engravings. No matter whether his attire is formal or casual, this antique pocket watch will certainly serve as a great addition. The top-notch components and detailed craftsmanship will certainly give your man an adrenaline rush on this special day.

 3. Thor Mjolnir Mug

Your man is no more than a superhero in your life, isn’t it so? He loves you a lot, he cares for you, he supports you, and he is also ready to go those extra miles to protect you. For such a superhero in your life, grab this sturdy 3D Thor hammer mug for him on Valentine's day. It will truly reflect his personality and will remind him about your love again and again. No matter what choice of beverage he has, he will possess the power of Thor in his hands with every sip he will take. Let your love shower in the form of the iconic shape of!Thor Mjolnir Mug

4. Heart Clips Lights

Imagine your man entering the room that you have decorated for him on Valentine's Day. He found all the sweet and memorable pictures hanging out with the warm and romantic light. He could not help but hug you and admire you for the surprise that you have given him. Quite amazing, right? So, here are these heart-shaped clip lights to turn this imagination into a beautiful reality. Each LED bulb consists of transparent clips to hang photos, artworks, and much more so that you can showcase your true love beautifully on this Valentine's day.

5. Astronaut Mobile Stand

Does your man keep on falling his mobile phone while watching something on it? Then, give this beautiful yet functional gift to him on Valentine's day. No matter whether he wants to watch TV shows, movies, or web series, this astronaut mobile stand will allow him to avoid any difficulty. Let him munch his popcorns or other snacks while binge-watching his favorite show. Besides serving as a great stand for a mobile phone, it is also a great decorative piece on the table.


This Valentine's day, remind your special guy that how special he is in your life. Choose any one of these Valentine's gifts for him to surprise him and to show him how much your care about him.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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