Trending Mother's Day Gifts 2021

Trending Mother's Day Gifts 2021

Mother’s Day Celebration: Adore Your Mother Like Never Before

Every year on the second Sunday of May, Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor our amazing mums. This year, it is on May 9, and many of you might be wondering how to go that extra mile to make your mum feel special on this day! 
The word ‘Mother’ evokes a lot of emotions in our hearts, isn’t it so? A mother’s love is truly unconditional! She knows no law, no rule, and no pity. Who else would cook your delicious meals? Who else would give you an all-time-ready shoulder to cry on? Who else would still worry about you even if you have left home for making your career? 

Her selfless contribution, endless sacrifices, and the strong instinct to protect her offspring – all such things make a mother’s love irreplaceable in this world. And as Mother’s Day is just around the corner, we thought to give you some of the most trending Mother’s Day gift ideas.

But before we move further, do you know why we celebrate Mother’s Day? Well, let’s first check out its origin and the reason for its celebration!

How Mother’s Day Came Into Origin?

In the early 1900s, Mother’s Day began as a campaign in the US to honor motherhood and mothers. A woman, Anna Jarvis, wanted to celebrate motherhood because her mother wished so before her demise. Jarvis believed that a mother is a person, “who has done more for you than anyone in the world.” She initiated the campaign and requested authorities to make this day an official holiday. However, in 1911, this request was initially denied. 
Gradually, the US started to realize the importance of a day to show honor and gratitude to our mothers. In 1941, president Woodrow Wilson proclaimed that every second Sunday of May will be an official holiday to celebrate Mother’s Day. Now, Mother’s Day is celebrated across the globe as a token of honor and gratitude to mothers. 

What’s The Reason Behind Celebrating Mother’s Day?

There is no doubt in the fact that mothers do a lot of hard work, make numerous sacrifices, and provide significant contributions in our lives. And they do all these things just to make our lives better. She is the backbone, primary strength, true inspiration, and also an emotional supporter of a family. She can easily take all the pains and worries just to keep her family as well as her children safe. Her input in our lives is so much that even if we do something special for her daily, it is really negligible. Being one of the most important women in our lives, we celebrate Mother’s Day to pay a kind of homage to her for whatever she has done for us till now. From a perfect caretaker to a perfect inspiration, she has done a lot of hard work to raise us. 

So, if you are getting this one day to let her realize how special she is in your life, why not make it one of the best celebrations ever?

Check out these best deals on Mother’s Day gifts and tribute to your amazing mother in the most amazing way. 

1. Super Mom Coffee Mug

Your mother is no more than a superhero in your life, isn’t it so? She cooks delicious meals for you, she picks you up every time you fall, she supports you in your harder times, and much more. So, for such a super mum who diligently works to raise you better, this beautifully designed 3D coffee mug will certainly be a surprising Mother’s Day gift. The moment she will sip her favorite beverage from the mug, she will feel proud of her inner superpowers. Bring this special gift before hand and give her a token of gratitude for everything she has done for you! 

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2. Angel Wings Lamp

Mothers are true angels, aren’t they? With constant zeal and enthusiasm, your mother works tirelessly and actively. So, give this Angel Wings Lamp as a special gift for surprising your mom. Amazingly crafted and designed in the figurine of angel wings, this lamp serves as a perfect decorative piece. Not only it will remind your mother of her angelic powers, but will also create a calm ambiance. So, shop for this today for flourishing her magical angels!

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3. Minnie AirPods Case

If your mother is a super fan of Disney world, then this Minnie Airpods Case will be the best Mother’s Day gift. Its super adorable design is enough to delight your mother on this special day! Designed on the theme of probably the most famous cartoon character among the ’90s, this case protects AirPods from accidental damages. It’s shockproof, dustproof, and anti-slippery. Not only this, the carabiner at the side will allow your mother to hang it anywhere she wants. Quite an amazing gift idea for mothers who keep on losing things, isn’t it so? 

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4. Hair Brush Coffee Mug

For all those mothers who are the ultimate fashionista, this Hairbrush Coffee Mug makes the best Mother’s Day gift to suit your mother’s personality. No matter what kind of beverage she prefers to drink, this quirky and adorable mug will always remind her of your love and appreciation. Crafted with the BPA-free ceramic, this mug is entirely safe for your mom’s health. So, make her mornings brighter and evenings warmer with every sip!

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5. Queen Crown Handle Mug

Your mother is the queen of your heart, right? So, delight your queen by treating her like a queen. This coffee mug is beautifully crafted on the theme of a Queen’s Crown Mug. Its unique and exquisite design will certainly give a magical dose of happiness to your mom. She would not help but admire the professional print and the beautiful golden handle. So, this Mother’s Day, put a crown on her head by giving this beautiful gift! 

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Final Thoughts
Although one day is not enough to pay homage and tribute to your mother, you can at least make her feel up-and-up this Mother’s Day. In these unprecedented times of COVID-19, when cases are surging rapidly, don’t take a risk to move out for purchasing gifts for your mother. Presently, many mothers are apart from their children and are worried about them all day long. 

So, let’s send them a small token of gratitude! Let’s turn their worries into happiness! This Mother’s Day, give your mother extra love, care, comfort, and joy. Shop from our exclusive Mother’s Day gift collections and let’s honor the women who made us through nurturing and sacrifices! 
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