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Tom Airpod Case

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Do you remember your favorite childhood cartoon, Tom and Jerry? If so, you will certainly love this super adorable ‘Tom – The Cat’ Airpod case. This high-quality silicone case is not only super cute but also fits perfectly well for your Airpod. The sturdy and durable material offers good protection to your Airpod against any unnecessary damage. Besides, it is water as well as dustproof. With the cute little handle, you need not worry about losing your Airpod again. So, bring home your favorite cartoon character and cherish your childhood memories!

360° Protection
Shock Absorbing
Material: Silicone
Ring Type: Metal Hook
Accessible Lightning port
Built for Airpod 1-2 Gen.

Package includes:
1 x Airpod Case Only
1 x Metal Hook

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