5 Beautiful Rangoli Art Designs For Beginners

5 Beautiful Rangoli Art Designs For Beginners

One of the most anticipated Hindu festivals, Diwali is just around the corner and it couldn’t be wrong to say you have already started the preparations. It is arguably the biggest Hindu festival which is celebrated in the month of Kartika that generally falls in the month of October or November. The festival is a celebration of the victory of light over darkness and good over evil.

During the festival, there’s another important tradition followed is making rangoli!
It’s a kind, colorful action that let us decorate our homes, offices, or any area. It is an art that originated in India and it is prepared using materials like dry flower, colored sand, and dry. During Diwali, most people use colored sand to prepare rangolis to welcome positive vibes in their homes.

Spiritual significance of Rangoli

In Hindu Dharma, it’s often observed that rangoli is drawn during every festival, religious day, or even auspicious occasion. For those who don’t know, all the festivals, auspicious occasions, rituals, etc. are associated with one of Deity principles. During the festive occasions, the Divine principle of a specific Deity is present in the atmosphere on the day of the respective festival or is attracted to the venue where religious rituals of that Deity are being performed.

The main purpose of rangolis is to attract maximum Deity principles so that everyone derives spiritual benefits from it.

According to a Principle in Spirituality that ‘word, touch, taste, form, smell and their energy co-exist,’ even if a small variation is made in the form and colour of the rangoli, its vibrations change.

The booklet ‘Sattvik Rangolis’ demonstrates a multitude of sattvik designs of rangolis that may significantly attract many popular Deity gods like Deity Rama, Deity Krushna, and Deity Ganesh.

Due to transmittance of Deity Principle, the main feature of sattvik rangoli is that, the devotees get various Bhav (spiritual emotion), anubhutis (spiritual experiences) of Shakti (Divine Energy), Anand (Bliss), Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness), and Shanti (Serenity).

How is Rangoli Executed?

To prepare a beautiful rangoli, make sure you take a pinch of rangoli powder using thumb and index finger. One of the best things about rangoli is that it is just a coarse powder of special soft white stone that can move freely when slowly released from the pinch of index finger and thumb.

To make a rangoli on floor, following steps are used;

Make sure you clean the surface on which the rangoli is to be drawn. According to our traditional values, the surface was smeared with cow dung, and after it dried, rangoli was drawn to ensure it stands out.

Did you know?

In the ancient times, people generally sweep and sprinkle every doorstep with cow dung and then draw rangoli.

  • For drawing, a design or auspicious symbols or signs are selected.
  • Once the selection is done, using the rangoli to create the required numbers of points are created on the floor
  • These points then are joined with the appropriate design lines and shapes.

Additional Tips for Floral Rangoli Designs:

If you are particularly fond of floral rangoli designs, make sure you following these tips;

  • Make sure you use flower petals in place of the flower so that fewer flowers are used.
  • To make your design look clear and vibrant, make the outline of the design first, then fill the flowers in it.
  • Always use white powder for making boundary instead of using white flower petals so that petals will intact in place.
  • If flowers are not available, however, you can also use colourful grains for rangoli making.
  • When flower rangoli is made, don’t switch on your fan.

Let’s take a look at some of the designs you can follow;

1. Doormat Pattern

Simple Rangoli Art Design For Beginners
2.Flower Pattern

5 Beautiful Rangoli Art Designs For Beginners
. Lotus Pattern
 5 Beautiful Rangoli Art Designs For Beginners
. Sunflower Pattern

5 Beautiful Rangoli Art Designs For Beginners

5. Square Pattern

5 Beautiful Rangoli Art Designs For Beginners

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